Group photo with singer and song-writer G.E.M. Tang.
Group Photo at the IRIS Festival.
Doing a yoga pose in front of the Circle DNA Booth.
Explaining to passers-by what Circle DNA is about.
Matching pants.
People at the booth.
Yoga mum with her child doing a yoga pose.
Mack Fitt posing in front of our Circle DNA Test Kit prizes to give to the winners of the Spartan Race.
Winner of the challenge holding our #DNAyourLife sign.
Group photo with the management team.
Participant who took part in our challenge.
Colleague chilling.
Collecting DNA Sample Station.
Collecting saliva sample
After completing the Spartan Race, they made out.
Group photo at the Spartan Race Event.
Our CEO Danny Yeung, speaking in front of the press at the Circle DNA Launch Event.
Our CEO Danny Yeung at our Launch Event, joined by Allan Zeman, Chairman of LKF Group; Cindy Chow, Executive Director of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund Hong Kong; Dr Lawrence Tzang, our CSO; and Professor Michael Yang, Co-Founder of Prenetics.
The key 3 people that delivered Circle DNA.
Group photo at the Circle Launch Event.
Group photo at the Circle Launch Event.
G.E.M. is our investor for Circle DNA
Circle DNA Launch in China
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